What would you do with $2500?

Maybe you’re thinking of the student loans you could pay, the rent you could cover, or the i-something you could own. But, what if someone gave you this $2500 to travel anywhere in the world, do whatever you wanted, to see all the sights (or maybe only one), to pay for lodging (whether in the form of a hotel or a canoe)? This is the premise of the Goliard scholarship at Rice University, started years ago by group of men from Sid Richardson College.

When I sat down and thought about my proposal for the Goliard scholarship, I decided to do some introspective work and really examine my strengths and weaknesses, passions and dislikes. Thinking about something that would fall under both “strength” and “passion,” one thing immediately came to mind: Eating. When I first triumped over 10 slices of pizza at the Pizza Hut buffet (around age 8), I knew that food would be one of my lifelong passions. Recently, though, my love of food has transformed itself into my passion for baking. Peanut butter cup-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, sea salt caramel thumbprint cookies, chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes…I find such a joy in the entire creative process of baking. I even co-taught a baking class this past semester with my friend Erika!

So, I proposed a pastry eating and baking tour all around Europe – baking classes in Paris, sampling tiramisu in Italy, exploring baklava in Greece. Even though I knew it was a long shot, I had such a great time putting together my proposal (with pictures of food, of course, acting as the highlight). And then, somehow…I got a scholarship to eat and bake in Europe. I really cannot express how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity. This journey marks the beginning of my year off, a time for me to really explore and see if law school next year will stay at Plan A, or if a Plan B (baking…?) could possibly come to the forefront. Either way, I could not be more excited.

So, sitting at the airport in Dallas, minutes away from boarding my flight to Paris, all I have to say is…Watch out, Europe! I’m coming to eat ALL the pastries!

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