The Eternal Bathroom Conundrum

After consulting with myself, I’ve decided that the only problem I’d have being a royal back in the day at the palace of Versailles is the lack of modern plumbing. Chamber pots are so not my style. Oh, and maybe the fact that I don’t exactly have access to a time machine (though I’m sure they exist…haven’t you seen Back to the Future?).

Yes, today Katherine and I witnessed the incredible, indulgent opulence of King Louis XIV’s personal playground at the Château de Versailles. We saw the lavish two-story pipe organ, the famed Hall of Mirrors (which, by the way, could use a good dusting), and the stunning, spacious gardens.




But enough of that. It’s time to talk about the pastry situation at Versailles. Almost immediately after we made it through the hour long line into Versailles, we saw a sign for our old friend…Ladurée! Showing rare signs of self control, we decided to tour the palace a bit before returning to that pastry haven. Soon after, though, we returned to our old ways, heading to lunch at a café inside Versailles, where I bought…flan!



I know, not quite what you expected, right? The type of flan that you might generally (and that I) think of as “flan” is actually called créme caramel in France, while a French flan comes in a tart form. The filling is made of sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla, and milk.

So, how was the royal flan? I’m not sure that I’m at all qualified to discuss the merits of flan, since I clearly haven’t enjoyed enough flan-like desserts in my life. I think that I might actually prefer the lighter créme caramel flan to the French tart version. Still, though, this flan, eaten in the courtyard of Versailles, was quite enjoyable.

Of course, the day’s pastry tour was not complete! After catching the lovely musical fountain show at Versailles (only on the weekends!),


we charged into the Ladurée store at the palace, ready to buy up the pastries. However, to our complete and utter dismay, we found out that this location only sells large boxed assortment of macarons, and no individual pastries. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but, thinking of the 30 macarons still sitting in my room, I decided to forgo this round.

But, not to worry, readers! I don’t give up on pastry that quickly, especially not in the pâtisserie lined streets of Paris. On the way back home, Kat and I decided to stop by another little bakery, where I picked up a lovely foret noire.


Foret noire, otherwise known as a black forest cake, is generally made up of chocolate cake layers separated by whipped cream and maraschino cherries. This cake, however, seems to be a (very very delicious) spin on the traditional black forest cake, with chocolate whipped cream and preserved cherries in between the layers of chocolate cake, and cocoa powder dusted on top. Perfect for chocolate crazies like me!

In case you’ve lost track, the Tiffany v. Pastry count for today is

Tiffany: 2
Pastry (Ladurée faked me out): 1

But, there’s always tomorrow, in which I will almost certainly conquer 3 pastries when I learn to make chocolate éclairs!

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