What Kind of Traveler are You?

Everyone’s got one – a traveling style, that is. Maybe you’re all museums, all the time. Or, one museum until boredom strikes, then onward to more exciting ventures. Perhaps, you tend towards beaches and sun, or crave the big city lights. Or, hey, maybe you’re about to stop reading this, because you hate traveling – but that’s a style too.

I never really thought about how I prefer to travel before this trip. I’ve always traveled with a group, and most of the time, my activities are already decided, or recommendations made, upon arrival. When given options, I usually choose to shop or eat (my two main talents). By this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m babbling on about this subject.

It’s because, although I’m learning about pastries on this trip, I’m also learning about myself. And, during my first time traveling alone, I’ve definitely found out something interesting. I, the eternal self-proclaimed museum hater, who have perfected the “Main Exhibit->;Gift Shop” shuffle, actually like museums when I can peruse at my own leisure. I really enjoy exploring on my own time, without feeling any pressure to crunch multiple sights into one morning or afternoon. I think this translates well to my life at home – as much as I love being around friends and family, I also need to have my alone time, where I can just sit, read a book, or write in my journal.

So, there’s your Tiffany Epiphany for today. I’m sure there will be more to come. For the time being, though… onto the food! Today was a long day of travel to Rome (including more running after trains – but I’m sure you heard enough about that yesterday), so I didn’t get too much of a chance to hunt for pastries. But, of course, I tried my best!

First, I tried a little dessert that I picked up a couple days ago from Brek (my Venetian restaurant love). I thought that, if it came from that amazing internet/bathroom provider, I would definitely love it as well. Plus, there was a very appetizing picture on the packaging. Unfortunately…no. The crust was a bit stale, and the chocolate didn’t taste quite like chocolate.



Thank goodness, I later found a dessert to compensate for the chocolate Brek-down (sorry, I really had to say that) at my old favorite: McDonald’s. Yes, it seems like McDonald’s has quite the monopoly on Italian train stations, where I also seem to be spending a majority of my time lately. Given the limited options (and, let’s be real, my undying passion for Mickey D’s), I decided to try a regional variety of the McFlurry: Pistachio! This actually had a pretty good Pistachio flavor, along with bits of Pistachio nut…possibly my new favorite McFlurry flavor.



And, my last dessert of the day:


I know, I know…but fruit is actually quite commonplace in the dessert section of Italian menus! I’m just trying to appreciate the local culture. And, after the mountains of pastries I’ve consumed in the past 2 weeks, I thought I was due for some fresh fruit (with a bit of sugar on top). The strawberries were perfectly refreshing, and a great cap to a delicious first meal in Rome.

Also, I just had to take a picture: 6 vegetable options – and one of them is french fries! And then my dad proceeded to order them. Sigh.



Tomorrow, an exploration of pastries around the Colosseum and Pantheon!

One thought on “What Kind of Traveler are You?

  1. The best way learn about a country is to eat your way through it. đŸ˜‰ Have you tried the gelato in Italy yet? The best is in Florence.

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