Fridays at TJ’s

Today, I went to the grocery store…and it. was. AMAZING. Clearly my life is very exciting.

No, but seriously. Seriously. Ever since I saw this post from my main food blog crush, I have longed for, nay, salivated over, a chance to visit Trader Joe’s.

To me, it was a distant mythical land, an oasis filled with never-before-seen snacks (healthy ones!), exotic frozen meals, and chocolate covered everythings in clear square plastic containers. I LIVE for snacks in those clear stackable containers. Don’t they just make everything look 10x more delish?

Last night, while surfing the internet researching law schools, I realized that there stood, exactly 15 miles away from me, my very own Trader Joe’s.

I went. I saw. I purchased:

“Gorgeous” – my cashier’s description of this Mandarin Orange Chicken. Good enough for me. Oh, and the Chicken Tikka Masala gets rave reviews as well. Not that I spent a good chunk of last night researching what to buy at TJ’s or anything. Who, me?

The Organic Creamy Tomato Soup was one of my sister’s picks! She spotted it in someone else’s cart and ran to find it. By the time she got back, I had added 3 more items to the cart. I am nothing if not stealthy.*

*She totally called me on it

I love hummus. I LOVE basil. What could go wrong?

Gotta get some fruitstuffs in there too.

My main food group – check out the clear plastic container! So fetch.

Also, can we discuss this?

Do I know what speculoos cookie spread is? Do I care? There is something cookie related actually stuffed into a dark chocolate bar this is all mineee hands off I am so excited. Ok.

And this:

Another product of my intense law school research. And if you can’t tell, I totally love that site.

So…two hours after getting home from my new favorite grocery store, I may already have some initial reviews:

  1. Fiberful – Healthy nomming. Touted as “natural dried fruit, veggie and fiber,” these taste like fruit leather and contain lots of fiber. Beware of eating too many.
  2. White Bean & Basil Hummus – Mmmm alkeraosdifasdpoiuwer…oh sorry, my mouth was too full of this insanely delicious dip. Think pesto + a lovely mild white bean taste. The carrots are cool too.
  3. Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee – Ehhh I really wanted to like this (the container! the decadent dark chocolate covered candy! and the name, seriously, right up my alley), but there is something about the pistachios that I am just not loving. And don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy pistachios. They just taste a little…old? Ugh. I don’t know. Don’t hate me. I’m still going to admire them from afar.

I think the only question now is…can I go back tomorrow??

P.S. Cookie giveaway contest is still open! Comment here by Saturday the 22nd (tomorrow) at 11:59pm for a chance to receive cookie mail!

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