Two’s the Number

Two things happened this weekend:

  1. I turned twenty-two, which I guess is sorta cool. But mostly, I’m beaming with happiness because…
  2. My awesome friends came to visit!!

So, because I was way too busy at King Sauna (GO. It will change your life), eating cake, and trying out the massage chairs at the State Fair, I’m doing a throwback post. Aka, showing you what I ate this weekend. Enjoy!

1) Scardello – The Sweet Italian and The Mountaineer (Split!)

Scardello is my kind of store. Why? Employees who work at this gorgeous little wine and cheese shop wear nametags with the title “Cheese Enthusiast.” Also, the goats who produce the goat cheese apparently wear sweaters (called goat coats!). And, the food is incredibly delicious.

The Sweet Italian is an amazing sandwich composed of prosciutto, burrata (a combo of mozzarella and cream…yummy), and fig confit. Oh yes, figs. Swoon.

The Mountaineer is a grilled cheese sandwich made of three mountain cheeses. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

2) Toulouse – Escargot, Mac & Cheese, Mussels Mariniere, Braised Short Ribs (Appetizers/Split Dishes, promise!)

Yes, I got Mac & Cheese as an appetizer. Best decision ever. And this (aka, nothing) was left over from the entire meal, which is generally the highest praise I can offer to a restaurant. You should really eat here.

3) Breadwinners – Chocolate Seduction Cake

My sister knows me well…really well. And she’s fantastic. And a genius. And my favorite sister. So, she got me this award-winning dessert masquerading as a cake that was actually four different desserts: chocolate brownie, white chocolate cake, german chocolate cake, and devil’s food cake. I would say it lived up to the hype. The frosting is incredibly light, so the cake isn’t too dense/you don’t feel like you’re bloated to death after you eat a slice. You really just feel like you want more cake.

4) Sangria – Sparkling Sangria, Vanilla French Toast, and Sweet Potato Pancakes (just a taste)

Brunch! You know my feelings on brunch, so I won’t expound. What I will say, though, is that the refreshing $1.00 sangrias and incredible entrees here are hard, if not impossible to beat. The vanilla french toast was sweet without going overboard, and nicely balanced by the fruit. Though I wish there had been more strawberries. And, oh man, I sampled one bite of my friend’s sweet potato pancakes – perfection.

Don’t worry, we also ate lots of fried food at the fair…but those pictures are just a bit too messy to be shown to the public eye. Just one thought: How can funnel cake possibly be so good?

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