Sparkling Mint Lemon-Limeade

This weekend was pretty fancypants. Happy Centennial, Rice!

And, like most trips to Houston (or anywhere, really), it was filled with my favorite foods and drinks. Like the mint lemonade at Tiny Boxwoods, which is bursting with insanely refreshing sweet lemony flavor and just a hint of mint.

It also doesn’t hurt that Tiny Boxwoods actually opens out onto a nursery! No, not the kind with babies, but rather, the garden/nature variety. Absolutely gorgeous. But don’t get me wrong, I think babies are gorgeous as well!

Anyway. In addition to my favorite mint lemonade, I also drank Perrier on ice with lime juice for the first time and it. was. SO GOOD. Which is weird, because, 1) I am so not a fancy Perrier drinking kind of girl (who can afford it??), and 2) I don’t generally like plain sparkling water. I find the taste weirdly salty.

Side Note: Clearly Canadian Sparkling Water, on the other hand, is a totally different story. Did anyone else love this stuff?? Strawberry Melon all the way, man.

My sudden palate change may have been related to the glasses of white wine I was also drinking (hey, all in the name of celebrating Rice!)…but perhaps not. I say that because I continued thinking about that Perrier all the way home. Not a joke.

So, because I am quite the indecisive person, I decided to combine all of my favorite drinks from this past weekend for you into Sparkling Mint Lemon-Limeade! You should really be flattered, because this venture required me to finally find the power switch for fix my ice dispenser.


But it was so totally worth it.

Sparkling Mint Lemon-Limeade (Adapted from Food52)

Notes: This recipe is infinitely (and easily) adaptable. To adjust it to your preferred sweetness level, just increase or decrease the amount of simple syrup. If you don’t like limes, you can use all lemons. Or, if you really want strawberry lemonade, add pureed strawberry. Your choice!


  1. 1 1/2 cup sugar
  2. 1 1/2 water
  3. 1 cup mint leaves
  4. 1 cup lime juice
  5. 1 cup lemon juice
  6. 4 cups sparkling water


  1. Make mint-infused simple syrup: Combine sugar, water, and mint leaves in a saucepan, then bring to boil. Stir until sugar is dissolved, then let cool and strain mint leaves.
  2. Combine lemon and lime juice in a pitcher, then add in sparkling water and simple syrup, to taste. Serve over ice.

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