American Idol Microphone Cupcakes


Happy New Year, everyone!!! Where have you been, guys? Oh wait, that’s me. Sorry for my blogging absence! New Year lazicraziness and all that. But hey, it’s still January! And, as such, I think it’s a great time for a check-in on New Year’s Resolutions.

This is a bit of a special year for me. I don’t generally make resolutions since, well, I’d rather not disappoint my optimistic January 1st self with the smashing cheese fries in my face January 25th self.


But, like I said, this is not just any year. As in, this is my last half-year of freedom before I enter law school! Oh boy. Thus, I have carefully constructed a set of resolutions that more resembles a bucket list – you know, an “I’ve always wanted to do blank” list.


Here are a few of my resolutions (I can’t give away all of my secrets!) and my current level of achievement:

1)   Learn to play chess (have not yet beat the computer – but I can finally distinguish between the bishop and the queen!)

2)   Read a new book every week (Quite successful. My favorite so far is Bossypants by Ms. Norbury/Sarah Palin/Tina Fey)

3)   Follow Rachel Cosgrove’s The Female Body Breakthrough plan for exercise and eating healthily (Hmm. Is a bacon cheeseburger + fries + a milkshake considered one splurge? I think yes. Also, the other day I squatted 110 pounds + the bar!)

4)   Take up martial arts (Failure. I’m not really sure where to start – Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu? Any suggestions? I’d seriously appreciate the advice)

5)   Do a craft every week (So far I’ve done . . . one. But, it’s pretty cool, huh? Go Owls!)


So there you have it! I’ll be sure to update you as the year progresses. But, I’d really like to know how your resolutions are going! Good, bad, ugly? Perhaps you didn’t make any? That’s cool too. I just want to hear about them!


Moving on to other exciting news. You might have noticed that the title of this post is American Idol Microphone Cupcakes. Well, ‘tis the season! But, more importantly, I know someone who made it through to Hollywood!!! Okay, actually, my sister works with him. Same difference. If you saw this past week’s episode, he’s Dr. Calvin Peters, also known as the “singing doctor” who hails from Dallas, Texas! Mariah Carey actually called him HANDSOME. Which means he’s basically achieved my life goal.


Anyway, my sister’s residency program held a party for their own American Idol, so we made these very fitting microphone cupcakes for the event! Although I was not invited unable to attend, I heard they were a hit. And why wouldn’t they be? They actually have licorice to mimic the microphone wire. I’m pretty sure these cupcakes should go through to Hollywood. Hell, they should win the whole thing.


American Idol Microphone Cupcakes (only slightly adapted from Rachael Ray’s Microphone Cake Cones)

Yield: ~ 4 dozen microphone cupcakes (The yield is large because the cupcakes are small! But you can definitely use half of the mix for 24 microphone cupcakes, and the other half for 12 regular sized cupcakes)


1)   1 box store-bought cake mix (I used funfetti!)

2)   A few drops black food coloring

3)   2 cans vanilla frosting

4)  48 multicolored cake cones

5)   3 cups crushed Oreos

6)   48 pieces black whip licorice


1)   Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line two 24-cup mini cupcake tins with liners. Mix cake mix as directed on box, and fill the mini cupcake tins. Bake as directed, then let cupcakes cool.

2)   To assemble each microphone, first mix the food coloring and the frosting. Frost the inside edge of each cake cone (to secure the cupcake). Then, place a cupcake upside down into the top of the cone. This will leave you with a nice, flat top resembling the top of a microphone. Frost the top of the microphone, then dip in the crushed Oreos.

3)   Poke a hole in the bottom of the cone with a toothpick, then insert the licorice until it is secure. Repeat with remaining microphones. Then, sing your heart out!

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