Not Another Museum: A Trip to Ladurée

Is it a bit excessive to dedicate an entire blog post to one pâtisserie?…That’s like asking, ‘Is it a bit excessive to eat 3 pastries a day?’ Maybe, but who cares?

Well, fine. I guess I can mention other parts of my day first. Today, Kat and I conquered the Notre Dame tower!

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“Do you smell…bread?”

I asked, swiveling my head back and forth as I searched for the source of the now-familiar aroma. Katherine, also looking around, suddenly pointed across the street. “It’s a bread festival!” she shouted.

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, in our quest to climb the Notre-Dame tower today, Kat and I actually stumbled across a French bread festival! La Fête du Pain is a Bread Festival that takes place every year around May 16th, the day honoring Saint Honoré, the patron saint of bakers (This information is actually all off of the website…I had wanted to say that the bread festival was in honor of my visit, but I figured that I should attempt to provide reliable information).

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Merde il pleut

Today’s Epiphany: Unlike many other offerings in the city, the rain in Paris isn’t obscenely fashionable or especially delectable. In fact, it can be rather unpleasant when you’re lugging a 46 pound suitcase through the streets and up staircases, sandal-clad feet (rookie mistake) having lost feeling long ago due to the rather chilly rainfall and wind. But hey, guess what? Je suis en Paris! So even though the weather forecast doesn’t look too outstanding

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