Crockpot Avocado Pot Roast Sandwiches

I am pretty terrible at leaving well enough alone.

For instance, the two (okay, maybe five or six) times when I drizzled melted chocolate onto my freshly baked chocolate chip cookies because they didn’t seem to have quite enough “oomph.” Or, the fact that I always get my Trailer Park taco “trashy” at Torchy’s Tacos so they ladle in hot delicious queso in place of lettuce (which, let’s face it, has little to no nutritional value anyway).

Oh right, and there’s that one time when I applied to Rice University. In the famous “Fill the box to the right with something that appeals to you” part of the signature page, I glued a whole recipe book with pictures. The next year, Rice required the entries to be two-dimensional and scannable, a change which I take full credit for.

So it should come as no surprise that I wasn’t satisfied in posting a recipe of pot roast. Don’t get me wrong, this pot roast is gooood. Like, seriously, OMG, mouthwatering, marbled fatty beef slow cooked for hours creating a savory, rich pot roast scent that is still lingering around my apartment good. Like, actually, incredible.

But, as I lay in bed the night before making this dish, I could not stop thinking about ways to jazz up pot roast . . . and use up the ingredients in my fridge. Perchance, my 10 recently purchased avocados? Oh yes. Then, I remembered the sandwich success of the week prior, which prompted many dangerous thoughts to my mind.

Pot roast . . . sandwich? Avocados? Sandwich with avocado? AND pot roast. Oh. my. sweet belly. Unfortunately (and crazily), my apartment contained not a single solitary slice of bread. However, my bread conundrum actually created a magical opportunity for me to make FRESH BREAD!!! Continue reading


Crockpot Caribbean Jerk Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/ Grilled Pineapple Rings

This is a sample of what my sister and I ate for dinner last week:

  1. Teriyaki salmon with quinoa
  2. Store-bought red velvet cake (Don’t judge! I was already craving it before I made it)
  3. Steak with Boursin cheese and homemade guac!
  4. Taco Cabana
  5. Chicken Pesto Pasta with Corn

We tend to fluctuate between cooking every meal and not cooking at all, between healthy and indulgent, fast food and slow, home-cooked meals. Maybe you’d think that as a food blogger, I would constantly be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. And, I do! I bake A TON and experiment with food all the time. But frankly, sometimes after a full day in the kitchen, I just want to sit on the couch and eat my trusty tortillas and queso from TC (Taco Cabana, for all you non-abbreving folk).

This recipe is perfect for those days when you know you’ll be exhausted, want a fast, delicious (seriously delicious) dinner, and don’t want to feel guilty about not cooking. Enter – the crockpot! I’ve actually never used a crockpot before today (I know, so behind the times). But I loved it. Love! I mean, you pop the ingredients in, let it go until dinner time, then pull out perfect, steaming, fork-tender pork? Sign me up.

I mean, what else can I do in this thing? Dessert?? Cake?! Okay, sorry, I’ll stop. And I know, I know, people have been using this device for years, but whatever. Let me have my fun. Anyway, I had originally planned to just do a super simple pulled pork recipe I found, requiring just pork, root beer, bbq sauce, and hamburger buns.

But then. I spied my beautifully ripening pineapple on the kitchen island and got to thinking. Pineapple rings . . . grilled pineapple rings? Perchance a Caribbean theme? And thus, my idea was born. I researched a few Caribbean jerk seasonings and then came up with my own recipe (based mainly on the ingredients available in my kitchen). Then, it was go time! Continue reading